I was curious about invisible braces (Invisalign), but I didn't know if it's right for me since I'm missing a tooth, and the gap it created had shrunk. Dr. Tran explained how Invisalign can widen the gap while it straightens the rest of my teeth. He then explained how I can get a tooth implant to replace the one I'm missing. The experience was very informative, and I am now on my way to getting a nice looking, and complete set of teeth.
Peter W., Ridgecrest, CA

Dr. Tran and Dr. Oei are very knowledgeable and professional and the staff are friendly and helpful. Overall - the office gave me a homey feeling.
Katherine W., Ridgecrest, CA

I had a wonderful experience with the oral surgeon and the staff made me feel comfortable during my wisdom teeth extractions. Dr. Cheung was gentle and made my dental experience a pleasant one.
John S., Trona, CA

I never imagined my son leaving a dentist smiling. But somehow Dr. Oei managed it. He was patient and gentle with my son, and made him feel comfortable. And my son definitely loved the "prize" for being a "good" patient.
Wilson C., Ridgecrest, CA

A special thanks to Dr. Cheung for the implants and for keeping my spirits up during that process. As he said - he is really "the BEST." I am grateful to Dr. Oei for all of his excellent work to complete the job of restoring me to an almost original state, and I'm very happy with the result.
Wanda C., Ridgecest, CA

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