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Kim Swett (Hygienist)

Kim is a licensed Dental Hygienist who has been serving patients here for over 8 years and serving the Ridgecrest community for over 20 years. She is known for being highly professional and gives her patients thorough oral hygiene care. Kim is especially appreciated by patients for her calm, caring, and gentle treatment. Her experience and knowledge of dentistry brings even greater depth to our team. She is truly an all time favorite with patients and our staff.

Kim is dedicated to preserving your oral health. She believes routine dental care is a necessary and proven way to preserve teeth and gums. She enjoys spending time educating you on techniques for efficient home care designed for optimal health.


Joy Blanton (Office Manager/Financial Coordinator)
As the Dental Office Manager, Joy is responsible for providing patients with utmost professionalism in her daily interaction of scheduling, billing, finances and overall patient concierge service. If there is anything you need, Joy can be counted on to attend to your needs with true compassion; as a mother, she naturally thinks to “take care” of those around her.

She is inspired to provide patients with the means to a better smile. Her years of dedication to the dental industry and dental practice management are testaments to the personal drive she brings to the Dental Office. Her steadfast nature is a valued asset we encourage.

Adriene Gamboa (Appointment Coordinator)
Adriene is an RDA with 15 years of experience. She was an exceptional assistant when Dr. Chandler and Dr. Hyashi were here. She have made friends with many of our patients but took time off to take care of her kids. She now returns as the Dental Office Scheduler. Adrienne is excited to see all of the former patients and make friends with new ones. In between her phone calls - she may be assisting in the back. She has passion to delegate the flow of the office to make your office visit smooth and pleasant. Her motto is "be on time" and "no last minute cancellation." We appreciate how Adriene keeps the office flow smoothly.
She shows genuine concern towards our patients and lets them know that we care about their smile. This is what we proudly present, offer and perform for our patient.
Geneva Thayer (Assistant)

Geneva is a Registered Dental Assistant. She has over 10 years of experince serving people. Geneva realizes how important she is to the dental office and takes her position seriously. She is here to help answer any questions or concerns patients have about dental needs. Geneva strives to create a comfortable experience by providing a relaxed, educational and caring atmosphere to all our patients.




Kiran Baker (Assistant)
Kiran is a multi-talented Dental Assistant for 6 years. Find Kiran in the Front and Back office. At our office she will multi-task from scheduling appointments to polishing your teeth. Her moving back and forth is only a small workout when compared to the Cross-Fit training she does.







Nicole Treat (Assistant))

Nicole is a Dental Assistant that loves to make you feel at ease and comfortable with her attentive nature. Not only does she care about your dental needs, she enjoys being there to assist you - all done in a humble and diligent style. She is talented in assisting and in getting people to relax. So when you get to meet her - you know that your dental visit will be a little calming.

Serena Therres (Assistant)

Serena is a Dental Assistant with over 5 years of experience coming from Las Vegas and Washington State. Recently her family was transferred to our Naval base-community. She now joined our team and has proved to be a great assest to provide quality care for the patient. Her bubbly personality is infectious once you start a conversation with her. Her interest outside from work is being competitive in Cross-Fit. So say "hi" and welcome Serena to Ridgecrest.

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